Meet Pierre, the adorable bulldog who loves jigging around to his favourite tunes.

The three-year-old pet pooch went viral in Thailand with videos of him shaking his stuff.

Owner Khun Kanpichcha, who raised Pierre from when he was a puppy at his home in Bangkok, said he learned how to dance on his own while watching music videos on TV.

He said: ‘’Pierre is a good dog, he loves dressing up and dancing.

‘’When he dances it makes people laugh and cheers them up. He learned how to do it on his own when the music came on TV.

”Now we can sit him down, play a song from a phone and he’ll dance. We clap for him and praise him, and have helped him to learn.

”Pierre is very cute and friendly and he’s healthy because we take care of him well. He enjoys it, and people like to see him dance.

‘’In Thailand he is popular. I hope people in other countries feel the same like we do. I like to pamper my dogs, they are my friends.

‘’Pierre has a little brother. He’s a French bulldog called Je t’aime and he’s two years old and two months. Pierre is three years and eight months old. They love playing, but Je t’aime can’t dance.”

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