A Buddhist temple in Thailand had been painted entirely in gold – including the ceiling fans and donation boxes – after one of the monks had a premonition that it would look like heaven.

Drone footage shows the brightly-coloured building named Wat Paknam Jolo temple standing out on the horizon in Chachoengsao province.

Dozens of golden Buddha figures available in different sizes have adorned the halls of the temple.

It had shiny floors that reflect the yellow tones of the walls, ceiling, and furniture inside as devouts come and pray.

Even the alms bowls placed in front of the Buddha statues were painted in gold and the lampposts outside were also painted gold.

The golden temple was built more than 200 years ago and was once used as a Burmese army camp location.

However, the Burmese were defeated by the Thai King Taksin the Great, so he ordered the pagoda’s construction to act as a victory memorial.

The temple was only recently painted gold after one of the monks had a premonition that the temple should be gold.

The abbot and chief monk said: ‘My pupil had a premonition about the temple’s beauty in gold, claiming that it looked almost like heaven. We had it painted in a beautiful colour then.’

The project took four years to complete and the Buddhist structure had been known as the golden temple since 2010.

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