Beautiful pictures from an untouched Nepal when only a handful of tourists and adventures visited the country. Dutch photographer Don Oppedijk, now 65, captured the scenes in the remote mountainous country during a trip across Asia in 1981. He photographed snow-covered Mount Everest while flying into Kathmandu on a Fokker F27 plane. And in the city – the largest state in the Himalayas – her photographed stunning scenery and locals who had never seen westerners before.

Pictures from the popular Durbar Square show children, traders and men going about their day in the area, which is now one of the most popular in the country for tourists. While 130 miles and a six hour drive away, images from the city of Pokhara show an even more sedate life – with an elderly grandmother sewing outside their homes, children gathering crops and women washing their clothes in Phewa Lake. Almost 40 years later and tourist numbers now close to a million a year and the buildings have been transformed and the streets are busier than ever.

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