Thailand taxi fares could increase by five per cent at the end of 2016, transport bosses revealed.

Industry officials agreed to raise taxi prices by 13 per cent in 2014 – but only implemented an eight per cent hike.

They were waiting for taxi drivers to improve their customer service before adding the remaining five per cent.

Thailand taxi fares could increase by five per cent by the end of 2016
Thailand taxi fares could increase by five per cent by the end of 2016 (photo credit: jonrussell)

The Thai Transport Ministry has now revealed that he is considering increasing fares at the end of this years.

Deputy Transport Minister Ormsin Chivapruck said that they will review customer satisfaction before rolling out the fare increase.

The taxi surcharge – a fixed fee when getting cabs – from Don Mueang airport and Suvarnabhumi airport could also be increased. Officials want to raise the surcharge from 50THB to 60THB for car taxis and 90THB for van taxis.

Passenger complaints have to fall

Thailand taxi fares are currently calculated at a fixed rate using metres in the cabs. They’re comparatively cheap compared with Europe, with rides from south Bangkok to central Bangkok costing as little as 200THB.

But fare scams and cheating drivers have hit the confidence of the industry.

Mr Chivapruck  said that if the number of passenger complaints fall, the government would increase taxi fares, according to the Bangkok Post.

He said that many drivers are sill refusing to pick up customers who flag down taxis and some are overcharging by turning off their meres or tampering with them.

He said: ‘The fare hike must be considered carefully, even if the overall trend is for the number of complaints to go down.

‘The ministry has sought cooperation from taxi drivers to help improve the quality of service.’

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