Thai Airways has been ranked 57th on a list of the world’s bets airlines.

AirHelp, a company specializing in the rights of air passengers involved in a delayed, canceled or overbooked, has published its ranking of the best airlines in 2017.

This is the 5th edition of this type since the company began evaluating the airlines in 2015.

Thai Airways has been ranked 57th in the world
Thai Airways has been ranked 57th in the world

The ranking by AirHelp evaluates 86 airlines. This is one of the most comprehensive rankings of this type since it takes into account a number of criteria to assign an overall score to each airline:

The quality and service: AirHelp relies on data from to determine the quality of the services offered by an airline on the ground and in the air. This includes service to the airport, the waiting room, seats, meals served on board, the proposed entertainment staff on board and comfort.

Punctuality: AirHelp look how many flights arrived on time in a given period – from December 2016 to March 2017.

Claims processing: how each airline handles complaints and claims, including whether the airline makes available to respond to these complaints, how are handled complaints procedures, by when the benefits are paid to customers when the complaint is valid.

Thai Airways came home at a disappointing 57. While the top prize went to Singapore Airlines which scored 10 for quality and service, and 8.7 in terms of punctuality.

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