This is the heartwarming moment passers-by rescue a beached DOLPHIN battered by monsoon storms.

Charn Jarikarn, 46, spotted the helpless adult bottlenose washed up on the sand at Hula Beach in Phang Nga province, Thailand.

The two-metre long creature had been separated from its pod and blown off course into shallow waters after heavy rains in August.

Hotel owner Charn spotted the stranded creature and raced to help but struggled to lift the 150kg fish back into the ocean.

Frantic walkers joined him and eventually carried the exhausted dolphin back into the choppy Andaman sea.

He splashes around for a while struggling to gain composure but soon darts away through the surf to look for family.

Stranded Dolphin Rescued From Beach in Phang Nga, Thailand
The stranded dolphin is rescued form a beach in Phang Nga, Thailand

Charn Jarikarn
Charn Jarikarn was on the beach when the dolphin was found

The hotel owner helped to rescue the dolphin
The hotel owner helped to rescue the dolphin

Charn said: ”It’s very rare to see dolphins in the shallow water so close to the beach. Normally they don’t come within 400 or 500 metres of the beach, so when I saw it in the sand I knew there was a problem.

”I couldn’t lift the dolphin on my own so I called for help. Luckily there were other people nearby and they came over.

”But even with four of us, carrying the dolphin was hard work. It weighed about 250kg so it wasn’t easy.

”Even in the water it looked dizzy and couldn’t handle the waves. Thankfully it got its mojo back and found the strength to swim away.

”Afterwards we nicknamed it lucky but we don’t know if it was a boy or a girl.”

Dolphins are common in the waters around southern Thailand. But the shy bottlenoses very rarely venture close to the shore or come close to humans.

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