Here’s an awesome little snorkeling video I recorded while on a day trip to Similan Island. We jumped into the water and paddled around for 10 minutes before spotting this big school of fish. I’m not sure what species they are, but apparently at one time people in Thailand ate them – but now that’s not allowed because they are endangered.

Anyway, we swam alongside the fish and above them and in the middle of them. They were totally oblivious to us and not frightened at all! This was a pretty amazing feeling – almost like we were part of their group.

Apologies for the poor quality of the video. This was our first time snorkeling (well, second or third if you include trips to Surin and Tai Chai the days before) and it was also my first time filming underwater – and all that on a iPhone 5s using a cheap waterproof cover I picked up for 250 baht from a stall at the pier where Love Andaman tours leave from. I was pretty paranoid the whole time that water would get inside, but thankfully the case was good and kept the seawater out while also allowing a half decent video to be made.

While the day trip to Similan Island itself was really busy with a lot of tourists as this was high season in January, and Chinese new year also, this video was taken at the last snorkel spot of the day which was totally secluded apart from our one boat. Other snorkel spots earlier in the day had been rally busy with six or more boats moored there and dozens of visitors from each one in the water.

And while I preferred the mainland trip to Surin Island, which also included snorkeling, this spot in Similan was by far my favourite. It had beautiful reefs and a very gentle rip current – a kind of underwater valley coming from the cliffs on the coast.

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