This is the heart-warming moment seven men prize open a concrete sewer to rescue two stranded kittens.

Passers-by heard faint meows coming from the under the ground in Saraburi, Thailand, on November 10 at 11.30am.

They used a power-drill, three metal poles and pick axe to open the heavy lid covering the filthy water – before reaching inside for the moggies.

One frail feline covered in filth was freed and went scampering along the ground after his first feeling of freedom. Moments later another kitten was hauled to safety.

Onlooker Pra Khemphong said: ”Everyone loves their own lives but if nobody helped these cats, they would have died.

”Even street cats love their lives and fear to die. They have the same feelings like us as humans have.

”Thank you for everyone who helped to rescue the cats. The people who helped to rescue the kittens should be very proud. That is there good deed for the day. Every life matters no matter how small.’’

It is not known how the kittens came to be stuck in the sewer but they may have been born in there. There was no sign of the mother.

Pra Khemphong added: β€˜β€™The local charity will look after the two kittens and give them to good homes.’’

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