These are the top five salons for male waxing in Bangkok. These places will remove the hair whether you’re looking for a back, sack and crack treatment or you want the full Brazilian or Hollywood treatment for your privates.

We’ve visited each one of these waxing shops in Bangkok for male waxing, and they’re all recommended. They are a mixed location, and one also provides an outcall service if you want to be waxed at your hotel.

Read our guide to male waxing below and our detailed review of The Man Salon.

The top five salons for male waxing in Bangkok

La Nature have an option for man or woman to do the waxing. Good prices and very helpful.
Address: Park view Condo Basement Floor, 1026 RamaIV Rd, Thung Mahamaek, Sathorn.
Price: Starts from 500THB for basic body wax and just 1,000THB for a full male Brazilian wax
Phone: +66(0)2 6776 530
The Man Salon is a very busy salon on Sukhumvit Road speciliasing in men. A bit expensive
Address:, Sukhumvit Soi 35, about 20 metres down. This is next to the Em Quartier shopping mall. (See full review below)
Price: From 500THB for a basic shoulders and upper neck wax, to 2,000THB for a full male brazilian
Phone:+66 (0) 2 662 0191
Koi Chotika offers a mobile service doing waxing at your home or hotel in Bangkok.
Address: Call to make a booking and she will travel to you anywhere inside Bangkok
Price: Starts 700thb for chest and stomach waxing and go higher for the Brazilian service for men
Phone+66 (0)818467828
Reveal Wax Salon A clean modern salon for both men and women and a range of services.
Address: Thonglor Soi 13 close to Sukhumvit Road in central Bangkok
Price: The most expenisve place with cost staring at 1500thb for men's chest and shoulders up to 2070thb for full intimate brazilian
Phone: +66 0-2712-8209
Shewa Spa at 108/2 Rambuttri Road, Banglampu offers male waxing with a range of different options.
Address: 108/2 Rambuttri Road,Banglampu Bangkok 10200
Price: Brazilian waxing starts at just 700baht
Phone: +66(0)8 5959 0066

Why go for male waxing in Bangkok?

Male waxing in Bangkok is great for getting a Brazilian
The different types of intimate male waxing – Hollywood, Brazilian or a neat ‘Bikini’

There are plenty of guys who like to get their back and chests waxed – especially before hitting the beach in the Summer. Bangkok male waxing salons have a particularly good eye for what looks good! They will remove embarrassing and unattractive body hair very thoroughly.

Although we might not be able to look like Cristiano Ronaldo, but we can try. A waxed chest feels better for girls, or guys, and they much prefer waxed private parts on their man. Surprisingly, waxing of the sack and crack isn’t that painful.

I used to go regularly in England for intimate waxing – a Brazilian and occasionally a Hollywood. Now I only ever go for male waxing in Bangkok because it’s about half the cost of having it done in the West. What’s more, the girls, or guys, doing the waxing are usually very experienced in dealing with men’s hair which is much different to female body hair, and requires different materials.

How is the waxing done? Will waxing hurt?

A standard hot body wax is used for women. But the material is slightly different for men as their hair is thicker and stronger.

But the process is the same – hot molten wax (it has more of a rubbery feel) is applied to the body using a wooden stick.

The strips are usually between 5cm and 10 cm long and around 3cm thick. Sometimes they may be longer and other times smaller if targeting hard to reach places.

Honestly, it doesn’t hurt. Ok, it might pull a little bit. But any man should be able to take this pain. It really isn’t much. The pubic hair does hurt a little bit more… but it’s not bad.

Will they wax my penis?

Yes, if you go for male waxing they can wax the penis, testicles, butt crack – everything down there. Just ask for a Brazilian if you want some hair left on or ask for a Hollywood for everything to be removed.

There’s no need to be shy. The person doing the waxing has seen plenty before. Plus, it’s surprising how non-sexual waxing is. The nervousness, sterile atmosphere and small amount of pain are not arousing.

Male waxing
Male waxing can involve chest, back and intimate areas

Different types of male waxing

Chest, back, neck and shoulders waxing for men is quite common. This is quick, painless and the cheapest of all the options.

Intimate waxing for men involves stripping away the fur from the genitals, backside, and the other private parts. The styles are similar to women – a Brazilian, where a small triangle of hair remains, or a full Hollywood, where everything is removed. The back, sack, and crack – stripping hair from the scrotum and around the anus is also very popular with men.

Male waxing takes a bit longer and the therapist has to take more care. They also need a lot more experience as there are different areas, shapes and sizes on every man. There should never be a lot of pain and an experienced waxer will make sure that it doesn’t hurt.

How much does Bangkok male waxing cost?

Prices in the West for a full body wax – legs, arms, and Brazilian or Hollywood – come close to £100gbp (5,000 baht / $130USD). Just for a Brazilian at home it can be £50gbp.

By comparison, waxing salons in Bangkok can do the same treatment for half the price – just 2,500 baht for everying or as low as 1,000thb for a Brazilian or Hollywood for men. Some may be a bit more, some will be less. But one thing is sure – it is much cheaper.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking the quality is not as good. I’ve had waxing in the UK and Bangkok and the standard is just as good in both places.

Waxing for gay men

The salons doing male waxing in Bangkok are used to gay men, transsexuals and ladyboys going too, so there’s no need to be embarrassed, whatever your sexuality or size. If you would prefer a man to perform the waxing, it’s easy to ask first over the phone, and the salon La Nature in our table at the top of the page has a male available for this purpose.

Read our review below of the Man Salon on Soi 35, and please leave a comment below to share your experiences of male waxing in Bangkok.

Waxing at The Man Salon
  • Location
  • Service
  • Freindliness
  • Price


The Man Salon is a busy salon that caters mainly for men, but they also do beauty packages and waxing for women. It's in a good location next to a shopping mall about two minutes from Phrom Phong sky train station.

The Man Salon is efficient. The owner five other salons in Bangkok, and they know how to run the service well. They have hairdressers inside, too, for men.

The Man Salon in Bangkok, for male waxing

Because they're targeted to men, there's no embarrassment walking in and asking for a treatment - they've seen it all before and have bookings from men every day. No guy wants to walk into a room full of women, all sniggering when he asks for his nut sack to be waxed. Thankfully, there's none of that at the Man Salon, and they're very professional. The place is usually too busy to notice a man coming in asking for waxing.

My waxing treatment was pretty basic - just shoulders, upper arms and upper back. They charged 500THB for this. This is about the same price as the other salon, La Naure, however, intimate and genital waxing at the Man Salon is expensive - 2,000THB for the full works, whereas La Nature is just 1,000THB.

Another down side of The Man Salon spa at Sukhumvit Soi 35 is that the waxing is on the 3rd floor. Older guys might not be able to walk up two flights of narrow stairs.

The treatment was done pretty quickly - about 10 or 15 minute minutes. It didn't hurt and the wax was good quality. The woman doing the treatment was polite and experienced. She did leave a few hairs around the arms that I noticed when I returned home, though. Overall I'd recommend the Man Salon for male waxing in Bangkok.



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