Thai officials are desperately trying to please Chinese tourists after recent criticism of their manners.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has invited Chinese media to Thailand to try and prove that not all Thais dislike them.

It comes after recent criticism on social media of ridiculously rude Chinese visitors in Thailand.

Two Chinese tourists in Thailand
Two Chinese tourists in Thailand

Cartoon depicting Chinese tourists’ aggressive behavior also went viral as Thai become increasingly annoyed at the way their Asian neighbours behave.

Thai businessman Thanakorn Seriburi has also pleaded with his Thai countrymen not to be unwelcoming to Chinese tourists.

He used a talk called ‘Tales of the Land of the Dragon’ this week to claim that only a minority of Chinese tourists are rude.

‘Do not miss out the opportunity. More Chinese will travel abroad and if those tourists avoid coming to Thailand and visiting other countries instead, Thailand will lose heavily,’ he said.

Posters to improve behaviour

There are countless examples of Chinese tourists with no manners causing problems in Thailand. Stories include Chinese going to the toilet in temple grounds, pushing, shoving, fighting in public, wahsing their feet in sinks and even drying their clothes on chairs at airports.

Tourism officials in Pattaya even printed posters this month aimed at educating the Chinese about Thai culture. It is hoped that this will stop them from show a lack of manners, further annoying Thai locals.

It’s understandable why those involved in the Thai tourist industry are looking to keep the Chinese happy.

Chinese tourists bring in more money to Thailand than any other country. The numbers are set to hit 10 million this year – a massive increase from seven million in 2015. Numbers will increase even more in the coming years as more Chinese people get passports.

Unfortunately it’s hard to see how the Chinese holidaymakers will suddenly become more polite. And Thai officials practically apologizing to them will only appeal to that conceited Chinese mindset – ‘we were right’.

Thais will have to just smile and take their money – which they’re already pretty good at.

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