Nightlife in Khao Lak is not as busy as nearby Phuket and Krabi – but there is still plenty to keep tourists entertained during their vacation. Khao Lak has plenty of restaurants (link to restaurants in Khao Lak page) to begin the evening with tasty Thai food – as well as western food, Italian or Indian – then a small choice of bars and even a local nightclub to move on to. The quality of nightlife is still good and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Here is our list of the top five must visit night time attractions during a stay in Khao Lak.

1.Moo Moo cabaret show

Khao Lak’s only lady boy show! Moo moo shows begin nightly from around 9pm and last roughly 90 minutes. Beer, wine, cocktails and spirits are available from inside the show and are reasonably priced. The entertainment is fun with plenty of audience participation and the dancers will select a few people at random (usually the most macho looking men) and pull them up onto the stage to dance.

Moo Moo cabaret show in Khao Lak is fun for an evening's entertainment
Moo Moo cabaret show in Khao Lak is fun for an evening’s entertainment

The ladyboys are not the most beautiful bunch – unlike some of those in Bangkok or Pattaya – and the show feels a bit amateurish at times. But the ladyboys make up for it with their effort. Highlight is the very chubby katoy (Thai word for ladybody) doing a topless belly dance! Entry is also free! A must visit on at least one night of a holiday in Khao Lak.

2. Monkey bar

Monkey bar is the best venue in Khao Lak for live music. The Thai band can sing well in English, performing many popular American, British and European songs. Musically they are a level above the standard bar singers found in other places. The bar is decorated nicely in a alternative kind of way. Drinks and bar snacks are reasonably priced. It is ideal for all tourists, young, old, backpackers of families. Look out for the large monkey outside the bar on the main road in Khaolak center.

3. Pirate bar.

This is a small, chilled out bar on soi bangniang heading down to the beach. The owner is a westerner who is relaxed and friendly. Music plays over the speakers but the attraction is the pool table. It’s 20 baht per game and the staff rack the balls up and look after the table. The general rule is ‘winner stays on’ and the person who loses has to pay for the game. Write your name on the chalkboard to get next in line for a game of pool. Again, drinks are reasonably priced and the bar has plenty of tables but still feels cosy and welcoming. A must visit – especially for those who like a game of pool.

4. Beach fire show

Fire shows take place on different beaches in Khao Lak. They are usually organised by restaurants, or resort restaurants that are located on the sea front. The shows are open to all tourists, and are part of an evenings entertainment including meals and drinks. So sit down, enjoy the food, drinks and sound of the gentle nighttime sea, then watch the fire shows. Two of the most popular fire shows are at Memories Beach Bar on Pakarang Beach and Sunbeach Restaurant & Bar on Bangniang Beach.

This photo of Memories Beach Bar fire show is courtesy of TripAdvisor

5. Build Factory nightclub

This is the only nightclub in Khao Lak and it can be found about 1.5km away from the main Bang Niang strip of bars, restaurants and hotels. The clientele is mainly young Thai locals in their 20s – groups of friends out for the night. Build nightclub has live music from young local Thai singers, who sing Thai pop songs. The stage is really big, and looks great when a good band is on there. It’s good to see hear Thai songs and makes a change from the usual covers of Western hits. The Thai youngsters also love to party and dance, so it’s fun to watch. The club is decorated like a warehouse or construction site so it has a strong theme, even if it does feel a bit spacious with the high ceiling. The bar stools are also a little uncomfortable. There is a seating area outdoors which also has a smaller acoustic singer and food available. Just a quick warning – music inside here is very loud and the lights are crazy. Lots of flashing strobe lights so they can make you a bit dizzy, but the young Thais seem to love it. Interesting place to visit to see local young person’s culture.

Call Build on +66 89 866 8811

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