So Koh Tachai has been closed to tourists. The idyllic island in the Andaman sea, one of the Similan Islands, was getting too damaged by the large numbers of visitors.

We were lucky enough to visit in January, during a trip to Kao Lak, in which we took day trips to Similan Island, Tachai and Surin Island.

At this time, Tachai was much quieter than Similan island. The beach was white, had fewer people, and there were not nearly as many boats mooring in the sea.

The tour involved a jungle walk, relaxing on the beach and a couple of 40 minute snorkeling sessions. It was our least favourite in terms of snorkeling. However, there was definitely a lot of rare wildlife on the island, including chicken crabs, emerald jade snails and bats, which I guess was starting to suffer due to the amount of tourist.

We visited in early February, which was Chinese New Year and high season for tours, but even then Tachai was not as busy as Similan island. Quite how it was getting too busy to have to be indefinitely closed, is anyone’s guess, but as mentioned above, there definitely seemed to be a lot more sensitive wildlife on Tachai, so anything that preserves the soft white sand and wildlife on this unique island is a good idea. Two deep diving sites will remain open.

Here are some pictures of Koh Tachai to enjoy. Read more about the closure of Koh Tachai to tourists.

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