Koh Lipe Walking Street is the main place to go on the island for nightlife.

This narrow street has bars, restaurants, shops, massage, tour companies, street food, guest houses and more. This is the number one place on Koh Lipe to eat, drink, relax and party at night.

It’s hardly wide enough for a single car but it has a great nightlife atmosphere in the evenings when music is playing, food’s cooking and the beer is flowing. In high season, Walking Street is really busy and has a great feeling when everywhere is open, whereas in low season it’s much quieter and better for chilling out.

With loads of tour companies based on Walking Street, it’s also the best place to book snorkeling, diving and boat trips to neighbouring small islands.

This guide will show you the location of Koh Lipe Walking Street, and recommend three great restaurants and bars.


There are several ways to access Koh Lipe Walking Street. The main entrance is on Pattaya Beach and the other second entrance to Walking Street is from inside the island at a small crossroads near Lady Pancake, Noi Wang Chan and Ricci House Resort. There is also a path from Sunset Beach that arrives in the middle of Walking Street. There is also a path from Sunrise Beach that arrives at the second entrance  of Walking Street, which is for people staying at Castaway Resort, Serendipity Resort, Ten Moons Resort and others along this coast.

This video is a walk from the Pattay Beach entrance along Walking Street in low season, and the map below shows the two entrances to Walking Street.

Source: Koh Lipe Walking Street by PackThailand

Koh Lipe map Walking Street
Koh Lipe map Walking Street

Nightlife, bars and restaurants

There are so many great bars and restaurants on Walking Street that it would be impossible to list them all. It’d also be hard to mention all of the bad restaurants, as there are a few. However, what we can do is give a few recommendations based on our own experience.

Progress Restaurant Sea Food Buffet

Progress Restaurant on Walking Street An all-you-can-eat seafood buffet with a massive selection of fresh fish, prawns, crab, shells, salad, curries, rice… and just about everything sea food. Unlike a lot of buffets and all you can eat places, the quality here is really good. The fish is fresh and tastes great.

Koh Lipe Walking Street, Progress Restaurant Seafood Buffet
Koh Lipe Walking Street, Progress Restaurant Seafood Buffet

Even in low season, this place is busy every day. They open at 5pm and finish serving around 11pm. During that time there could be at least 200 people in low season, and up to 500 throughout the night in high season. Finding a table in low season is easy, but in high season booking in advance is important, or maybe waiting 20 or 30 minutes for a  table.

Cost is 490 baht per person, which is great value, when you consider that buying a basic Thai meal with a few different dishes at any other restaurant on Walking Street will be a similar price.

Expresso Cafe and Restaurant

I stayed on Koh Lipe for seven nights and the Thai food at Espresso Restaurant was the best on Walking Street. The standard of the cooking is the same – and possibly even better – than the restaurants inside many of the best hotels and resorts on the island – and for a lower price.

Koh Lipe Walking Street, The Espresso cafe and restaurant
Koh Lipe Walking Street, The Espresso cafe and restaurant

Many of the Thai restaurants on Walking Street serve up low quality food, simply because they can get away with it because tourists have to eat somewhere – and most holidaymakers don’t know the difference. I was involved in opening a Thai restaurant in the UK, and at The Espresso on Walking Street it was clear that they take the time to use good quality meat, go for an authentic Thai taste, cook with a clean style, and they take time and care with the presentation of their food. They have a good range of fruit smoothies so this place is one that I would definitely recommend visiting.

Maya Bar

Maya Bar on Koh Lipe is one of the best on the island. It has a laid-back bohemian feel to it with bamboo walls, and loads of sofa and Thai triangle cushions to lounge around on.

They’ve done a great job with the design to give it a hippy-ish island feel without being cliche, and they use lots of soft red lighting and have plenty of fans for keeping customers cool. 

Koh Lipe Walking Street, Maya Bar
Koh Lipe Walking Street, inside Maya Bar

There are two bar areas and a DJ stand where they play ambient music (ambient trance or ambient house, perhaps?). Combined with that is laid-back, talkative, friendly and helpful young Thai male staff and fairly well-priced drinks. Maya bar is directly opposite Progress restaurant (see above) and it makes a great place to chilling out after a big meal.

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