Amusing footage shows three kittens stuck at the top of a step ladder – nervously wondering how they are going to get back down again.

The adorable white moggies climbed to the stop of the steps and and perched on the top cap – which every DIY enthusiast knows not to stand on.

They were then faced with the awkward situation every child that has climbed a tree has encountered. The cats were seen looking anxiously at the ground below considering how they would make their descent.

The mother cat was even standing at the bottom as if to call them down.

The first kitten, named ‘rice’ made a leap of faith and landed smoothly. While the second kitten, named nam, went for a more cautious approach by trying to negotiate each run one-by-on until he was within touching distance of the floor.

The third pet was too shy and had to be lifted to safety by the homeowner in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 7.

Owner Khun Suchat said: ”The mother cat was worried about her kittens. She was looking up to them and tell them to stop playing up there. They had to calculate how to climb down. I helped the last kitten because he was scared of jumping.”

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