Khao San Road street sellers are set to be banned from selling on Thailand’s backpacker capital for three days.

Street food and souvenir vendors can currently trade every day apart from Mondays.

But as part of Thailand’s ongoing crackdown on street sellers, Khao San road vendors are being targeted in a bid to clean up the area.

Khao San Road street sellers are set to be banned from Monday to Wednesday
Khao San Road street sellers are set to be banned from Monday to Wednesday

New rules being tabled by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will see them limited to trading only from Thursday to Sunday from 6pm to midnight.

The trading ban would include all sellers, including those with food carts, market stalls and the walking street hawkers with cheap toys and gifts. They would also be placed in one section of the traffic lane.

Ban will hit our income, say vendors

Outraged vendors say the ban would hit their earnings and discourage tourists visiting the area. They’re appealing for the restrictions to be relaxed.

Yada Pornphetrumpha, who is leading a group of street sellers battling the ban, said: ‘Fewer days for trade means our income will be cut.

‘We have agreed to keep the area tidy and help police look out for criminals.’

However, officials said that several spots near Khao San are untidy and dirty which is discouraging tourists.

The believe that restricting vendors will improve the image of the area which will attract more tourists.


Khao San Road is a haven for backpackers and young travelers. It has become an attraction that is well-known around the world.

Part of its vibrant atmosphere are the street stalls, selling all manner of food, clothes and traditional Thai gifts.

Every effort should be made to keep the area clean and safe. Ensuring that street sellers stay in their pitches is important.

But the authorities are running the serious risk of sanitizing the area, diluting the vibrant atmosphere, and actually pushing away tourists who want to take in the sights and sounds of Khao San Road.

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