The Kantarat Golf Course is one of the strangest in the world – it’s located inside the Don Muang Airport in Bangkok.

The strange course has been open for many years but few people know about it – despite it being situated between the two runways of one of the busiest airports in Asia.

There’s another reason – photographs and video from inside the Kantarat Golf Course are strictly banned. However, we have put together all the information you’ll need about the course, how to get there, prices and lots of pictures and footage. Albuterol inhaler online

It’s a Boeing seven FORE seven!

Until recently Don Muang Airport in Bangkok was the main aviation hub in Thailand. That changed when Suvarnabhumi Airport opened and started handling all of the long haul international flights. Don Muang Airport now has domestic flights and flights in Asia. Viagra online

Unfortunately that means you won’t be able to visit and see Boeing 747s taking off and landing like these pictures below, but you will see lots of Airbus A330s and Boeing 737s from carriers such as AirAsia, Nok Air, Thai Lion Air.

An easy course with unusual hazards

The Kantarat Golf Course is actually pretty straight forward to play. There are 18 holes including a range of par three, four and five. The first nine run parallel to and facing the take-off runway and the back nine run alongside the landing runway.

There are water features and a few bunkers. But most of the courses are straight. Perhaps the biggest distraction in having planes taking off on the first nine holes as they are very loud. The fairways are about 20 yards from the runway – that’s very close to the planes. So it’s best not to tee-off while the planes are near as an beginner player could end up slicing the ball towards the flight path!

Some very accommodating caddies

Every player at the Bangkok airport golf course must be accompanied by a caddie. This is mainly due to security reasons. The caddies will prevent people from using cameras and presumably they’re briefed to look out for anything suspicious.

However, like everything in Thailand there’s always a surprise. All of the caddies at the Kantarat Golf Course, just like at most golf courses in Thailand, are fairly low paid and they rely on tips. They’re also available for any extras the player might want at the 19th hole. We won’t go into too much detail, but this blog post from a golfer who visited the Don Muang course gives a vivid description of how the caddies often go with customers after the sporting activities have finished.

Getting inside Kantarat Golf Course is a little bit tricky

Finding the golf course at the airport is fairly easy – just get in a taxi and tell them to go to Don Muang Airport. The course is located behind the airport. Some drivers will know where it is already. Others will need directions via smartphone GPS or by asking some of the airport staff loitering around the car parks and drop off points.

When you are finally on the correct road, all taxis are prevented from driving down the area where the golf course club house is. This is presumably because there’s a Thai Royal Air Force base next doo and taxis are seen as a security risk. You will need to exit the taxi at the top of the road next to the petrol station. Here, flag down a motorcycle taxi and ensure that they remove their orange vest before driving you down to the course.

If you live in Bangkok or have access to a car, this won’t be a problem – you can just drive straight down.

The Kantarat Golf Course can be seen between the two runways at the Don Muang Airport in Bangkok Thailand

The price of playing golf inside an airport

As we mentioned before, this is not the most challenging course in the world. However, many golf fans – and particularly golfers with an interest in planes – will want to experience the course.

The cost on a weekend for the green fee, caddy hire, buggy and club hire is 2,000 Thai baht.

However, prices are slightly cheaper during the week. And hiring a buggy is not essential.

  • Week day green fees – 320 Thai Baht
  • Weekend green fees –  620 ThaiBaht
  • Club hire – 500 Thai baht
  • Buggy hire – 500 Thai baht

Opening and closing times: The golf course opens every day at 8am and closes at 4.30pm.

What are the safety and security measures in place?

Don Muang International Airport was criticised several years ago by aviation authorities for its security standards. The Kantarat Golf Course inside the airpot formed part of this – as members of the public literally had the ability to walk unchecked into the secure area of a very busy airport.

Since then the course has introduced secure fencing at the entrance to the course, bag scanners, CCTV cameras and banned photography. The whole place is fairly secure.

In conclusion…

The Kantarat Golf Course is a great place to visit at least once. If you’re a golfer and find yourself on holiday or visiting to Thailand, it’s well worth going here for an afternoon or morning.

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