This woman has fishing down to a fine art – the fish jump out of the water straight into her new.

The elderly lady was filmed holding her handmade kit over the Yom River in Sukothai province, northern Thailand.

Hundreds of small silver-coloured fish leap out of the water upstream against the current of the fast-flowing river.

In bizarre group behaviour, each one seems to follow the other like lemmings over a cliff – unaware that they are jumping straight into a trap.

The woman was all smiles after ‘’a good day at work’’ as she carried the fish away to be sold at the local market.

Onlooker Manoon Ninsanit who recored the scene on October 13, said: ‘’This woman was catching more fish than anybody else. She didn’t need to do anything, they were jumping to her. It was a good day at work for her.

‘’This looked like an easy place to catch a lot of fish. One jumps and the rest follow. They don’t know what happens to them next.’’

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