Feed the seagulls at Bang Pu, Samut Prakan, for a unique evening.

Thousands of seagulls enjoy the sunset feeding frenzy every day. Though the busiest times are at weekend, when lots of Thai locals visit the area. The birds gather around the long concrete pier every afternoon just before dusk while locals feed them pork scratchings.

The activity has become a popular activity and afternoon out for Thais in the area who visit the Bang Pu district so they can feed the birds. Some people throw the pieces of pork scratching to the seagulls, who swoop down and catch it mid-flight. While others hold a piece in their fingers and the birds grab it with their feet as they’re flying. The birds can come within inches of the heads of spectators as the dive-bomb along the concourse on the hunt for snacks.

The thousands of seagulls swooping around makes for some great pictures, videos and selfies. Especially as all the best action takes place at sunset, with some wonderful orange hues.

This all can be found at the Bangpu Nature Education Center, which is also referred to as the Bang Pu Recreation Centre.

In terms of other attractions other than seagulls, there are some small exercise parks for adults and play areas for children leading up to the pier area. And at the end of the walkway is a large restaurant, which serves up delicious seafood. This is a great place to eat once you have worked up an appetite and fished feeding the seagulls.

Cost: Feeding the seagulls at Bang Pu is free. You may have to pay 10 baht for a small bag of pork scratchings if you want to feed the birds

Location: Bangpu Nature Education Center. Take a taxi from central Bangkok for approximately 300 baht one way. Or take the BTS Sky Train to Kheha BTS Station, and then a taxi or ‘Baht Bus’ the rest of the way.

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