Ratchada Soi 7 is a vibrant soi in the northern district of Bangkok. It has bars, restaurants, small shops, massage, gyms, a small food market, apartment blocks… and many other aspects of inner-city Thai life of Bangkok.

One of the popular places for Air BNB rentals for short term and long term is Klang Krung resort. There’s also a bar run by a westener called Mustache, which sells pizza and is quite popular with the backpacker and young expat crowd on a Saturday night.

But one of the most appealing things about Ratchada, and not just Soi 7 but other areas in the district, is that it is still quite a naturally Thai area. Sure, there are some big entertainment venues at Huai Khwang MRT and large malls and a night market at Thailand Cultural Centre MRT, but the are is still quite native. Lots of Thais living their every day lives without much of a care for tourism.

Here’s a small selection of pictures took recently of sights in Ratchada Soi 7. Probably my favourite is the shot of the black 1980s Jaguar XJ. This is quite a rare car to see on the roads these days in England, where they were manufactured, so seeing one gleaming and in mint condition in the backstreets of Bangkok was quite interesting.

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