I recently read this review online of the Madrid Restaurant in Patpong. It’s a western food bar and restaurant that I’d heard about before and wanted to try. According to nightlife blog BangkokXL, ”There’s a mixture of Thai and western food on the menu. The western food is really what makes the place unique and the best reason to choose this outlet over other restaurants serving up farang staples. Thai food, well, you can get that anywhere in Bangkok.”

With that in mind, we headed over to try the Bangers and Mash. This is basically sausages, potatoes and gravy – a staple English meal.

I’m happy to say that the dis didn’t disappoint. It was good. The sausages were good, considering that this is in the middle of Asia and you’ll never be able to replicate a British butchers banger here.

Service was friendly and the prices were acceptable. There’s a damp, musty smell inside the Madrid Restaurant, which the owners really need to look at. But overall, it’s a place that I would return to for western food in Bangkok.

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