What’s the best way to prove that feeding crocodiles in Thailand is safe?

Why, of course! Load a two-and-a-half tonne elephant into the raft to show it doesn’t sink.

That’s exactly what the owner of Elephant Kingdon, or Anachak Chang, in Pattaya did after pictures of Chinese tourists feeding lumps of meat to the crocodiles went viral and sparked safety concerns.

Oh, and then don’t forget to pile the raft with 30 people, hit it with canes, then blast it with twelve rounds from a handgun just for good measure.

The bizarre videos show the steps taken by owner Uthen Youngprapakorn to hit back at critics and the safety officials who suspended his croc farm’s licence.

He’s even offered a challenge to any group of 17 people who can sink the boats in under five minutes – he’ll pay them five million Thai baht (£100,000gbp).

Uthen told PackThailand.com: ‘There were some rumours that what we do isn’t safe, that the rafts are to small, or not strong enough.
‘Well look at the pictures. There’s an elephant on there and it’s totally fine. I’d let my children play on there.
An elephant is loaded onto a raft to show that feeding crocodiles at the world's scariest tourist attraction in Thailand is safe
An elephant is loaded onto a raft to show that feeding crocodiles at the world’s scariest tourist attraction in Thailand is safe
Crocodiles rise up from the water to snatch the meat
Crocodiles rise up from the water to snatch the meat from Chinese tourists in Thailand
The raft looks shaky
The raft looks shaky… but the crocodile feeding attraction’s owner insists it is safe

‘If an elephant can ride on one of our rafts then it’s 100% safe for a dozen tourists to go on there.

‘Here’s a challenge for anybody who can sink one of my rafts – I will pay you 5million baht (£100,000).’

Uthen herded the elephant onto the raft, which sailed some 30 metres from one side of the pond to the other.

He fired 50 bullets from a handgun into a boat, 20 of which penetrated the metal and 30 rebounded off, a sign, he says, that the vessels are ‘indestructible’.

Pictures of the world’s most terrifying tourist attraction went viral last week after PackThailand.com published them in the UK with them being used widely in the British press, followed by international publications and sites.

The images taken by a local motorcycle taxi driver showed a group of 12 Chinese tourists feeding crocodiles from a rusty metal raft at the farm.

They dangled lumps of beef from sticks into the jaws of the reptiles, which leap from the water to grab the meat.

Thai safety officials revoked the licence at Anachak Chang, which is part of the Utairatch Crocodile Farm And Zoo, which breeds crocodiles for the fashion industry.

But Uthen defied the orders and continued trading – as more Chinese tourists arrived to take part in the terrifying activity.

He said: ‘I’ve been running this place for years and it’s safe. We love the crocodiles and do everything we can to ensure they’re looked after well.’

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