A video of a Chinese woman complaining about her OWN citizens stealing things from a beach has become an Internet hit.

The middle-aged woman from China was on holiday in Thailand when she recorded her rant at beach in Krabi.

She had become annoyed at her fellow citizens – in particular one young woman who was taking away wood from the beach.

The woman got into argument about her right to take home natural resources from holiday destinations, according to Social Media By Johnny, who posted the clip.

She told the older Chinese woman that she’d been to 20 different places on holiday and always brought back natural souvenirs.

‘No wonder everyone hates us,’ the Chines woman says in her rant.

‘So many Chinese people don’t care about the law in other countries.’

Tour guides had already warned the group not to nab things from the beauty spot. Eventually the woman was stopped after having an argument with other people in the group.

Reaction to the video from Thai locals

The woman added: ‘Thank goodness some people spoke up.

‘If they hadn’t stopped this woman her and others like her would take the whole beach home with them – sand, stones, coral and all – within a year.’

The reaction from Thais who saw the video was overwhelmingly positive – praising the woman for standing up to the rude traveller.

Chinese tourists have developed a terrible reputation in Thailand despite being the number one country for tourists and bringing in tens of millions of dollars in revenue every year.

Thai government officials even went on a diplomatic but-kissing mission to try to welcome Chinese who had been offended by criticism from locals.

I’ve posted plenty of articles about rude Chinese tourists in Thailand.

So this kind of behavior doesn’t surprise me.

But it is good to a Chinese tourist lambasting her countrymen and women for behaving badly in foreign lands.

With a few more people like this, Chinese tourist might eventually lose their bad reputation for being rude.

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