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Castaway Resort is located on Sunrise Beach on the eastern side of Koh Lipe.

The resort offers traditional wooden bungalow style accommodation plus a range of diving, snorkeling, kayaking, massage, and yoga activities.

Prices for the hotel are some of the best on Koh Lipe for sea front and beach view accommodation. But they are back-to-basics, castaway island style rooms without TVs and modern facilities.

Castaway Resort has five different style of room available to rent, varying from large shared houses to big bungalows on the beach.

These are the prices throughout the year, from the cheapest time in low season to peak season over Christmas December 21 – January 5.


Castaway Resort can be found on Sunrise Beach, close to the southern tip of the beach. The accommodation is about a 10 or 15 minute walk from Koh Lipe’s Walking Street, and about 20 minutes from Pattaya Beach. It’s a great locaion for taking in the marine life on Sunrise Beach, but being close enough to the nightlife, bars and restaurants for activities in the evening.

Type of accommodation at Castaway Resort

The hotel offers five different types of bungalow for guests to stay in.

Beach Breezy: Two-storey bungalows on the beach front that receive a gentle cooling wind from the Andaman sea. Larger versions of the Beach Breezy bungalows are available at a slight extra cost

Beach Breezy sea front accommodation at Castaway Resort Koh Lipe
Beach Breezy sea front accommodation at Castaway Resort Koh Lipe

Sea Breezy: Very similar to Beech Breezy but situated slightly further back from the beach but still with direct views of the sand and sea. Larger versions are also available.

Garden Breezy: The same style accommodation as Beach Breezy and Sea Breezy rooms, but the garden homes are set in greenery without the views of the sea and beach. Larger versions available.

Comfy Bungalows: Small ground floor bungalows perfect for two people. These don’t have sea views. But they’re cheaper and have a hammock and pillows for relaxing.

The House: The largest of the accommodation at Castaway Resort with two bedrooms to sleep x4 people. These properties have two storeys but they are furthest from the beach.

RoomLow Season
May 1 - Oct 31
Mid Season
Nov 1 - Dec 20
Mar 1 - Apr 30
High Season
Jan 6 - Feb 28
Peak Season
Dec 21 - Jan 5
Beach Front Breezy (Large)1950450055006000
Beach Front Breezy1700400050005500
Sea View Breezy (Large)1700400050005500
Sea View Breezy1400350045005000
Garden View Breezy (Large)1200300040004500
Garden View Breezy800250035004000

Activities at Castaway Resort

Castaway Resort is one of the best resorts on Koh Lipe for marine activities such as snorkeling, diving and kayaking. They also have yoga and massage available at the resort.

Snorkeling: Snorkel masks and fins as well as life jackets are available to rent from Castaway Resort. No experience is needed, and the beach in front of Castaway Resort is perfect for snorkeling beginners to experience the tropical fish and marine life without venturing far away. The hotel also offers snorkeling day trips on their boats.

Kayaking: Kayaks for two people are available to hire for a fair price, at just 250 baht for the first hour and 100 baht for every hour thereafter. The resort is perfectly situated on Sunrise Beach for hopping in a kayak and paddling out to the nearby uninhabited islands of Koh Usen and Koh Kra, which are great for snorkeling.

Scuba diving: Castaway Resort has it’s own in-house scuba diving unit called Castaway Divers. They offer everything from beginners lessons at ‘nursery sites’ with mild currents through to dives for experienced pros much deeper with very strong currents. There are plenty more packages including diving for kids, underwater photography, and freediving.

Castaway Divers, the scuba diving section of Castaway Resort Koh Lipe
Castaway Divers, the scuba diving section of Castaway Resort Koh Lipe

Boat trips: Koh Lipe is close to many small, beautiful uninhabited islands. The only way to reach these is with a boat day trip. They make for the perfect chance to find total seclusion and peacefulness. Castaway Resort has their own longtail boat that they use to schedule trips out for snorkeling, diving or just taking in the unspoiled beaches. These day trips are unlikely to be available in the low season.

Yoga classes: Castaway Resort holds daily yoga classes a few metres from the beach front under a covered porch. Koh Lipe is the perfect setting for yoga and the lessons accommodate complete beginners as well as advanced yoga positions. Prices are 400 baht for an hour.

Massage: Like most accommodation and hotels on the island, Castaway Resort has its own massage facilities. This is your traditional Thai massage carried out by girls trained at Wat Po.

Facilities at Castaway Resort

The restaurant area at Castaway resort
The restaurant area at Castaway resort
A tasty fruit smoothie from the restaurant at Castaway Resort
A tasty fruit smoothie from the restaurant at Castaway Resort

Castaway Resort prides itself on being a back-to-basics desert island style place, so they don’t have TVs in the rooms or air conditioning. However, there is a Wi-fi in the beach front restaurant area, which serves up good quality western and Thai food throughout the day.

Reviews of Castaway Resort

Reading reviews of hotels is one of the most important things to do before booking. It’s important to read a big selection of them to see the positives and what some of the downsides of the accommodation is.


castaway resort reviews castaway resort reviews


As you can see from the review scores on two of the biggest hotel sites, Castaway Scores pretty well in every department.


Castaway resort is a great place to stay for an authentic, tropical island back-to-basic getaway, free from the stresses and strains of modern life. The resort has plenty of opportunities to take part in a range of outdoor and marine activities, plus Castaway is close to Walking Street for taking in the bars and restaurants of Koh Lipe. In general, Castaway Resort is a great choice for anyone looking for a good-value hotel on Koh Lipe.

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