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Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe are located in the far corner of Pattaya Beach.

They are next to the Bundhaya Resort accommodation. Bundhaya Villas are the company’s premium option with bigger bungalows. Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe are also newer than the adjacent resort.

They are one of the best Koh Lipe hotels so it is surprising not seeing more reviews online.

This review details my experience visiting Bundhaya Villas and why I recommend them when choosing accommodation on the island.

Summary of Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe

Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe have a big pool
Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe have a big pool

Me and my partner arrived at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe in mid-June (low season) having already stayed at Ricci House Resort for two nights. In hindsight, I wish I had stayed the whole time at Bundhaya Villas – they are amazing!

We stayed for a total of five nights at Bundhaya Villas and I didn’t want to leave. The bungalows are large, clean, modern and perfectly located in a peaceful corner of Pattaya Beach.

The hotel facilities are great and there are loads of activities available. Staff are friendly, hard-working and helpful.


The view of Pattaya Beach from beach front bungalows at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe
The view of Pattaya Beach from beach front bungalows at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe

Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe are on Pattaya Beach – the most popular beach on the island. You will find them in the quiet corner of Pattaya Beach. This means that they enjoy all the benefits of being on the beach but have the tranquility of being placed in a peaceful area of the beach.

The most expensive bungalows are on the sea front with unobstructed views of the sea. There is more accommodation around the pool area and further back from the beach front.

Walking from the hotel to Walking Street – the main nightlife area for bars and restaurants – takes five or 10 minutes. This is perfect when going out for food and drinks in the evening or taking a romantic walk back. I don’t want to get all poetic, but listing to the gentle waves and seeing the soft moonlight glow is truly beautiful.


A beach view bungalow at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe
A beach view bungalow at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe

Bungalows are Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe are modern, clean and strong. They are made from wood, which gives a traditional feeling and helps them to stay cool inside. Wooden bungalows sometimes appear cheap, but these are made strongly with two or three layers of wood.

Bundhaya Villas also have rooms overlooking the pool. These are cheaper but they don’t have the beach front views. I didn’t stay in these but they did look clean and tidy.

The bungalows have indoor and outdoor showers, a dressing area, wardrobes, safety boxes, and a porch area at the front with benches and tables. They have air conditioning, TVs, WiFi and kettles inside.

Bundhaya Villas are perfect. They’re comfy, clean and large.

Hotel Services

The gym at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe
The gym at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe
The Thai massage spa at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe
The Thai massage spa at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is not a big island. It’s important that visitors always have activities to do. Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe has a large pool, a gym and massage available to use throughout the day and early evening.

The restaurant and bar area’s spectacular evening views over the sea are amazing. The food is great quality and well-priced.

Daytime activities available at the resort include hiring a kayak, renting a bike, renting snorkels or taking one of their day trips.

Bundhaya Villas have plenty of activities to keep all guests entertained.


We visited in low season which is the cheapest time to take a holiday on Koh Lipe.

The cost for a beach view bungalow was £64.39 per night and a total of £321.95  for five nights. I believe that this is a great price for such a modern hotel so close to the sea front.

There is a slight difference between beach view bungalows and beach front bungalows. Beach front bungalow – which are the most expensive – are closest to the sea have unrestricted views of the beach. Beach view bungalows are behind the first row of bungalows and they have a small view of the beach and sea. Most Koh Lipe hotels follow a similar pattern so always check before booking accommodation where it is situated.

Honeymoon beach front bungalows are the most expensive at Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe. They are the closest to the sea.

Prices vary throughout the year. The most expensive time to book is during high season. Different booking sites have slightly different prices so always shop around.


Bundhaya Villas Koh Lipe is a great hotel to stay at. The bungalows are large, clean and modern. Plus, the rooms are an affordable price – especially during low season.

The resort offers plenty of activities and the services there are good.

Bundhaya Villas stand out point is the location on Pattaya Beach. This is perfectly situated for easy access to walking street and enjoying the beach during the day time.

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