Bangkok waxing: A great city to have body hair removed
A woman gets her legs waxed at a Bangkok waxing salon

Bangkok waxing spas are cheap, easy to find and great quality. There are dozens of great spas that offer the service for women – whether it’s legs, arms, face or full Brazilian of Hollywood waxing you’re looking for.

Plus, the Bangkok waxing prices can be much cheaper than visiting a shop in Europe or the U.S .

Sukhumvit Road, Asoke, Silom and Khao San Road have some popular salons and spas. But other great places can be found anywhere else in the city. These are great for women who want hair removed for holiday or just day-to-day life.

These Bangkok waxing spas offer cater for women. They offer treatments for the body, legs, arms, facial lips and intimate waxing including Brazilian and Hollywood hair removal.

Honeypot Wax Boutique
Address: Siam BTS Staion, 2nd Floor, Central World Plaza
Phone: +66 2 646 1036
The Waxing Bar
Address: 307 Petchaburi 38/1 (just offSoi Sukhumvi 39)
Phone: +66 2 204 2800
Take Care Beauty Salon & Spa
Address: Sukhumvit 33 Alley
Phone: +66 2 662 0853
Shewa Spa
Address: 108/2 Rambuttri Road (next to Khao San Road) Banglampu
Phone: +66 8 5959 0066
Nail Therapy & Wax Salon
Address: Sala Daeng BTS Station, L3 , Silom Complex , 191 Silom Road
Phone: +66 2 632 1199

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Why have waxing in Bangkok?

You might have arrived in Bangkok for a holiday. Or while traveling. So most people will want to look good on the beach. Waxing in Bangkok will mean the skin is fresh and clean ready to wear a bikini.

Plus, Bangkok is really hot, humid and stuffy. Any extra body hair is going to add to the heat factor. And, if you’re like me you’ll opt for shorts, flip flops and a light breezy top while walking round the city. It’s better to feel less self-conscious and strip away the excess body hair.

Finally, you may live in the city and you’re a regular waxer not a shaver. Either way, Bangkok has plenty of waxing options.

Is Bangkok waxing cheap?

Prices in Europe and the U.S. for a full body wax – legs, arms, and Brazilian or Hollywood – come close to £100gbp (5,000 baht / $130USD). That’s a lot of money for something that grows back sooo quicky!

But waxing spas for women in Bangkok can do the same treatment for half the price – just 2,500 baht. That’s everything – legs, arms, pubic hair, Brazilian, Hollywood (and that annoying little hair just below the tummy). Some waxing places in Bangkok may be a bit more, some will be less. But one thing is sure – it is much cheaper.

The quality is great, too. Staff are friendly, experienced, professional and the equipment is great quality too.

How is the waxing done?

A standard hot body wax is used for women. The process is the same whichever county in the world it is – hot molten wax (it has more of a rubbery feel) is applied to the body using a wooden stick.

The strips are usually between 5cm and 10 cm long and around 3cm thick. Sometimes they may be longer and other times smaller if targeting hard to reach places.

A typical waxing salon in Bangkok
A typical waxing salon in Bangkok

The wax is left on the part of the body for between five and ten seconds. The therapist then rips it off with a strong, firm motion. This pulls out the hairs and the follicles resulting in a smooth patch of skin.

There may be some soreness and redness on the surface of the skin after the waxing is finished. Some people may get a red rash in the days afterwards. Aloe Vera gel or cream is the best solution. Just apply gently to the waxed areas.

And what about Brazilian and Hollywood waxing?

Brazilian and Hollywood waxing
Brazilian and Hollywood waxing

Most people feel a little bit shy about showing their private parts to a complete stranger. More so for their first ime waxing or first time having it done in a foreign country.

There’s not much that can take away that initial embarrassment and awkwardness. However, the person doing the waxing will have seen it all hundreds or thousands of times before. So it’s nothing new to them, and nothing to get stressed about.

Brazilian and Hollywood waxing can also include the anus area  – aka the butthole, crack, anal ring etc etc. Waxing here is quick , painless and produces some satisfying results.

My Bangkok Waxing Experience
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I'd recommend waxing in Bangkok simply because they're just as good as any other places I've visited. The materials are modern, clean and pain-free. And the therapists (waxers?) are quick, private, discreet and friendly. Plus waxing in Bangkok is cheap - about half the price of the West.



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