The Bangkok Crocodile Temple can be found in the China Town area near the Hua Lamphong train station.  They have some very unusual pets – four crocodiles.

The strange attraction is the main feature of Wat Chakrawatrachawat – nicknamed the Crocodile Temple.

There are two smaller crocs, seen in the video in the concrete area, and two larger crocs in the murky green pool.

The reptiles are fed each day at 5pm by monks. They believe that taking care of the crocodiles is a virtuous deed that will bring them good luck in this life and the next.

Finding the temple is quite difficult by foot. A taxi from Hua Lamphong is about 50 baht on the meter. Just jump in and ask for the Bangkok Crocodile Temple or Wat Chakrawatrachawat – adding a few snapping motions with your arms.

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