Art In Paradise Bangkok is an interactive 3D art museum. There are huge paintings on the walls and floors. People can pose in front of them to create an optical illusion effect.

This is actually lot more fun than it sounds on paper. It’s called a museum because many of paintings depict famous scenes – historical images, classic oil paintings, animals and scenes from nursery rhymes. But really this is more like a huge play centre for the imagination.

Price: Entrance fee for Art In Paradise Bangkok is Adult 400THB, Child 200THB, Under 100cm FREE

Opening times: 10am – 10pm seven days a week

Location: Esplanade Shopping Mall, Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Daeng

Directions: Take the MRT train to Thailand Cultural Centre and Esplanade is one minute from the exit

A girl enjoying the 3D paining at Art In Paradise Bangkok
A girl enjoying the 3D paining at Art In Paradise Bangkok

Art In Paradise Bangkok is suitable for all age ranges. Toddlers and parents or grandparents will like this place. Plus, the great thing is that images and art have no language – which makes it suitable for Thai locals AND tourists from any country on the planet.

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A review of Art In Paradise Bangkok

I arrived at the centre not really expecting a great deal. My partner had seen pictures online and I’d gone along with the idea to visit. Sure it looked fun. But it’s actually a lot better than I could have imagined.

A scene from Alice In Wonderland at Art In Paradise Bangkok
A scene from Alice In Wonderland at Art In Paradise Bangkok

Firstly, I like taking pictures. I’m not one for posing or taking selfies, but I like to be behind the lens. This was great for me as I was able to do all the picture-taking, composing pictures of my girlfriend.

Now, like many girls, she likes to pose, pout and have her picture taken. So she was in dreamland. Many children are the same, and for them it is great to run around and see the different pictures. However, there is something of a cognitive element to all of the abstract art that young children just won’t be able to get. In that respect, Art In Bangkok is actually perfect for adults.

Many of the paintings on the world are skillfully done. Ok, they’re not Michelangelo level and this place is certainly no Sistine Chapel. But the concept is brilliant – and fun. The marbled and shiny appearance on the floor is very clever. Oh, yes, shoes have to be removed upon entry in order to keep the building and the polished painting work clean.

The upside down wall is super fun

The images painted on the walls range from famous movie and nursery book scenes, jungle and safari scenes, to classic oil paintings recreated. And even contemporary paintings like a cover of Time Magazine or a homage to Andy Warhol.

Some of the really fun 3D images are those that are ‘upside down’. When the camera is rotated it looks like the subject is hanging on the wall. Ok, it’s hard to describe until you’ve seen it.

Source: Art In Paradise 3D Mural Museum In Bangkok by PackThailand

This optical illusion gives the appearance of hanging from a window
This optical illusion gives the appearance of hanging from a window

It’s easy to think that after three or four different pieces of 3D art one would become bored. But at Art In Paradise that’s certainly not the case. Even as a grown man I found myself rushing to the next piece wanting to see what was in store.

The  3D museum is spread out over two floors with lots of different rooms. So there are a lot of different paintings to play around with. In fact, there could be close to 100 different images and paintings.

A young couple use a selfie stick in front of the 3D art
A young couple use a selfie stick in front of the 3D art

This can take between one hour and two hours to get through the entire museum. But it depends on how quickly you go. Some people will do it slowly while others will go quickly. It’s possible to turn the visit to Art In Paradise into a great day out in Bangkok by combining it with lunch at the Esplanade Mall.

Negatives: The only negatives I found was firstly that Thai people are given a discount. I don’t see why this should be the case at a large and established chain. (Art In Paradise also has attractions in Pattaya and Chiang Mai). And secondly, the staff are pretty disinterested. There are only a few staff who work on the entrance dealing with tickets and shoes and they weren’t exactly friendly. But once you get past them and inside the building there’s no need to see them again.

Discount coupons, promotions and deals

At the minute there are no discount coupons, promotions or deals available for Art In Paradise. However, that doesn’t mean to say it won’t change in the future. They may also do discounts for larger groups and tour bookings but would need arranging first before visiting.

  • Value For Money - 100%
  • Family Friendly - 100%
  • Staff Service - 75%
  • Would Recommend? - 100%


I visited Art In Paradise Bangkok and had great fun taking pictures - then showing them to friends and family after! I highly recommend visiting. The price is good, it's easy to find and it's great for children and adults.


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