This angry lizard did not like being disturbed – and retaliated with an angry BARK.

The large tokay was spotted resting on a wooden beam inside a home in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, on November 5.

Two girls cleaning the room nervously tried to scare away the reptile using a broom.

But it suddenly spun its head and made the pair jump with fright when it snapped at the stick and let out an angry growl.

The surprise sent them running for cover as the lizard scampered down the side of the wall towards them.

Nong Onwaree, who filmed the footage, said: ‘’I did not have any intention to hurt my fierce young brother.

I just wanted to chase him away from there with a grass broom so we could clean that area. Just hold the broom close to him, that was all.

‘’It didn’t quite have the right outcome. I heard him make a small little moan.

”Then he snatched at the broom like he was trying to bite it, and he barked.

‘’We were shocked and ran away. I didn’t think there would be this much interest in the clip.’’

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