The Bangkok aeroplane graveyard first hit the mainstream media last year with a series of pictures by a photographer. Since then it has become popular with backpackers, tourists and urban explorers.

The site’s pretty interesting, and includes the front section of a large Boeing 747, two mid sections of a 747 which have been turned into homes, and a number of smaller planes. The smaller planes could be 737s. It’s also possible to climb inside the aeroplanes, walk around inside them and take pictures.

The aeroplane graveyard in Bangkok is great for anyone interested in abandoned planes and urban exploration. Check out this video from inside the abandoned Boeing 747.

Carry on reading to find out where the planes are, how to get there, how much it will cost, and what to consider in terms of safety.

Where is the Bangkok aeroplane graveyard?

The abandoned planes in Bangkok are found in the Hua Mak district of the city. This is in the north-east part of the capital. The best way to reach there is by taxi. From the Ratchada area it only takes around 20 minutes depending on traffic.

The aeroplane graveyard in Bangkok with an abandoned Boeing 747 and other planes
The aeroplane graveyard in Bangkok with an abandoned Boeing 747 and other planes

However, first consider where you are in Bangkok. Anywhere south of the river, or south of Sukhumvhit road will just be too long by taxi because of traffic, whatever time of the day you go. Take the BTS and / or MRT to Sukhumvhit or Asok stations then grab a taxi on a metre from there. Or go slightly further north on the MRT to Thailand Cultural Centre and take a taxi there as it’ll be quicker.

Show the driver this map… and point out the marker for the aeroplane graveyard. If they’re still confused, tell them Ramkhamhaeng Road, soi 99. Stop there and it’s about a minute further down the road on the left hand side.

There’s also the option to take a train directly to Hua Mak station on the blue line. For this station, head to Phetchaburi MRT station and change there for Hua Mak – any desk staff will be able to help show the correct train.

How much does it cost to visit the Bangkok aeroplane graveyard?

When you reach the abandoned planes at the aeroplane graveyard there will be a small wooden fence protecting the land. There’s also a gate with a small padlock which is kept closed.

Usually there will be an old woman or some of members of the families that live there in parts of the abandoned planes converted to homes. They’ll ask for money to go inside.

Inside the cockpit of the Boeing 747
Inside the cockpit of the Boeing 747
Looking out of the back of the abandoned Boeing 747 at other planes inside the aeroplane graveyard in Bangkok
Looking out of the back of the abandoned Boeing 747 at other planes inside the aeroplane graveyard in Bangkok

Personally I tell them to get stuffed and climb in anyway. It’s not their land, the aeroplanes don’t belong to them. They’re just urchins living in wasteland. Climb in, there’s nothing they can do to stop anybody.

They will ask for 200 baht. Anything more is taking the p***. Give them 200 baht if you feel like it and want an easy visit. If they ask more, don’t listen. Frankly, there’s no reason for them to be making a killing every day from tourists – they do not own the land or the planes. 200 baht per group or per person.


In recent years the wasteland has become very overgrown. This has made it harder to reach some of the smaller aircraft. If you want to brave the long grass and weeds, wear long pants – jeans or combat pants. Oh, and look out for pythons and other snakes lurking in the undergrowth.

Most people climb inside the Boeing 747. However, it has suffered internal damage and the floor on all levels is not safe. Be very careful where you step. There are many loose boards on the floor. One wrong step and it could be very bad.

You will need to enter the 747 through a door in what would have been the cargo hold. From there climb a small set of ladders through a hatch onto what was once the main passenger floor. There’s a loose board when you go up through the hatch so be very careful stepping in and around this area.

Walk to the back of the plane and up the steps to the first class area and the cockpit. The floor here is pretty sturdy, but still be careful.


It’s not known how the aeroplane graveyard came to be. How the planes were left there, or by whom.

All of the planes were former commercial passenger jets but the liveries have been obscured making it hard to identify the carriers. It’s not known how the aircraft came to be dumped there. There are also no plans to remove them or develop the land. So it looks like they’ll be there for many more years.

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