This was my favourite viral story of the last year. It’s Able Meow, the kangaroo cat with no front paws who gets around everywhere by hopping!

Yes, he hops everywhere on his hind legs. The cat was electrocuted due to faulty wiring in an abandoned home. He lost both his front paws. But a kind neighbour took it and named him Able Meow.

He has since been dubbed the kangaroo cat after learning how to get around just by hopping on his hind legs at the home in Chiang Mai he lives at.

Check out this video of Able Meow and you’ll see what a special little kitty he is…

Able Meow was electrocuted and lost both his front two paws
Able Meow was electrocuted and lost both his front two paws

Walai Sriboonvorakul took in Able when she found him left for dead in an alley way. The other street cats were picking on Able, and it’s unlikely he would have survived for long.

But now thanks to lots of love, he’s a happy and healthy little cat. He has his own unique way of getting around.

What I love about this story is that it shows just how lovely Thais can be towards animals. Just how caring. It’s a true inspiration and hopefully more of the street cats and dogs will find some of the help that Able Meow has been able to receive.

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