24 Kilates Bangkok is a pretty cool shoe shop – it’s designed like a golden bank vault.
Location: 11 Soi 13 Seri 2 Rd., Huamark, Bangkapi Bangkok, Thailand 10250

Hundreds of shoes are tucked away in gold safety deposit boxes instead of shelves.

Customers have to choose their trainers by peering through small glass windows in the cubby holes.

There’s even a giant safe wheel just like the iconic safe in hit film The Italian Job.

Here are some pictures from inside…

24 kilates bangkok

24 kilates bangkok

24 kilates bangkok

The 24 Kilates shop opened in August last year and has been popular with shoppers in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was designed by Carmelo Zappulla, Chu Uroz, Nacho Toribio at Spanish firm External Refernce.

It’s in the Huamark area of Bangkok and you’ll need to take an SRT-City line train followed by a taxi to reach it. It’s an interesting shop to visit, and there are plenty of others nearby to fill an afternoon.

Carmelo said: ”The interior looks like an exclusive treasury, filled with safes and safety boxes

”The main installation of the interior recalls the doors of a safe and features the logo of the brand.

24 kilates bangkok

24 kilates bangkok

24 kilates bangkok

“This helps hide products from customers’ view for a while which invites them to discover products,” said the designers.

“All this confers further magic and uniqueness to the items exhibited.

”The whole interior is in gold and black. These two contrasting colors have a great impact on the customers, as they are associated with luxury and exclusivity.”

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