There are so many stories about tourists being robbed or attacked in Thailand that it’s nice to see something positive.

This video shows a thief who stole cash from a woman on the beach in Patong, Phuket, being caught by angry locals.

They quickly deliver a swift beating to the teenager as he cowers on the ground – reminding him that stealing from tourists will only damage the reputation of the country and it’s main source of income.

The boy is dragged onto the sand and forced to hand over a wad of crumpled notes back to the woman wearing a turquoise bikini.

She doesn’t look too happy about it all. But she shows off the cash to the camera, thankful to have her money back.

A few of the other Thais who have gathered to see what is happening join in admonishing  the light-fingered young fella.

It’s not a lot of mnoney that was stolen – maybe no more than 2,000THB in total.

But the video is a nice reminder that the majority of Thais still value tourists in the country and recognise the need to keep them safe.

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