Remember the Bangkok Safari World orangutan who became an internet star when he grabbed a tourist’s boobs?

Well, he’s struck again.

The cheeky chimp was posing for pictures with a young Chinese girl at Safari World in Bangkok when he sprung into action.

He slips an arm over her shoulder and puckers up for a kiss.


The young girl is in fits of giggles as she carries on posing for pictures. The orangutan then jumps on her back, sits down next o her and plants another kiss on her cheek.

The orangutan isn’t quite as amorous as before, when he was really having a long feel of the busty tourist’s breasts.

But bust like the first clip, this video went viral. This time on Chinese social media where users found it funny.

Some people did comment that it’s quite sad to see a beautiful animals degraded like this.

And while it’s clearly just light-hearted fun and no cruelty is intended, I can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for the orangutan.


There’s something innately human about the way he moves and his actions. It’s not nice seeing them dressed up in ridiculous costumes and made to pose and perform in front of tourists.

Animal welfare group PETA said that ‘orangutans are shy, sensitive, highly intelligent, and socially complex animals – not props or objects of ridicule.’

On the other hand… he does seem to be enjoying himself. And I’m guessing he gets more female attention in a day than a lot of men do in a year.

If you want to visit the orangutan at Bangkok Safari World, it is a good day out while on holiday in Thailand.

Travelling to Safari World from central Bangkok takes about one hour by taxi. And there are a number of tour companies that offer trips there.


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